Lubna Chowdhary


Lubna Chowdhary transforms spaces using colour. From handcrafted ceramic works to a full design consultancy service, Lubna provides insight, experience and resources for those working with interior and exterior architectural spaces. ¶ Each project is unique, responding to client and environment to produce an authentic, often playful, and always visually rich result. ¶ There
is a rich history of ceramics in architecture. Lubna aims to create new histories of place by combining contemporary ideas and technology with traditional craftsmanship and attention to detail. ¶ She is keen
to collaborate with fellow creative thinkers who are determined
to go beyond the usual boundaries and apply in-depth knowledge
to create projects of impact and integrity.


Handcrafting is intrinsic to Lubna’s ceramic work, which is guided by geometry, modularity and truth to materials. ¶ Designs are developed through dialogue with each client and underpinned by research and drawing. An infinite palette of glaze colours are hand blended and hand painted onto ceramic elements each of which undergoes numerous glaze firings before taking its place in a final composition. ¶ For schemes on a larger scale, individually crafted modules can be combined with ready-made elements. ¶ The result,
a kaleidescopic vocabulary of colour, shape and pattern, offers unlimited possibilities that can be implemented on any scale. ¶
As a consultant, Lubna creates pattern, colourways and designs, providing diverse creative solutions, as well as offering specific advice to those wishing to incorporate colour and pattern into
their projects.